Enjoy The Show

Makers Mark Masterclass Experience

From 1st October - 7th October

Discover our bar-raising signature cocktail, Enjoy The Show, as we show-off our expert mixology skills during this years’ London Cocktail Week.

We present a concoction of popcorn-infused Makers Mark bourbon and Coca Cola foam, tucked away beneath a pillow of the crunchy kernels. Designed to taste like a trip to the movies and a nostalgic sip of cinematic heaven!

For those who prefer a detox, we offer Naked: A fresh and juicy fruit explosion of tropical delight. Explore the flavours of the rainforest with a layered taste-sensation that will tantalise and tease your taste buds. All the fun, none of the guilt.

Guests with a London Cocktail Week pass indulge on our signature serve for only £6. Served daily from The Perception, Monday 1st – Sunday 7th October.

We’re offering an exclusive Makers Mark cocktail tasting experience for all those who purchase an Enjoy The Show on Wednesday 3rd October.

From 6:30 pm, the experts from Makers Mark will be in the bar to guide you through the history and taste experiences of their distinctive bourbon. To participate, purchase an Enjoy The Show cocktail before 6:30 pm on Wednesday 3rd and you will be invited to join.

Limited space available, first come first served!

Leicester Square, 10 Wardour Street,
London, England

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