The Perception at W London

From suit up to sun down, soak in trailblazing interiors, bar-raising cocktails, mouth-watering dining experiences and exhilarating music & events programming; all overlooking the hustle and bustle of the streets of Soho below.

What lies behind the shimmering veil? Sneak inside and be prepared to be mesmerised. W London introduces a new disruptive scene that invites you to be yourself or…lose yourself. With a stunning design inspired by the vibrant plurality of the Londoner, The Perception bar and lounge showcases the multiple sides of every personality: the dark and the light, the playful and the serious, the substance and the sparkle, the bold and the witty.

Here, forget what you thought you knew. The lines are blurred, the game constantly changes and convention is turned on its head. Get enlivened and enlightened through unexpected sensory experiences that will defy you perceptions and transport you into a bolder mindset.

Leicester Square, 10 Wardour Street,
London, England

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