Celebrate at The Perception

Make a toast, showcase your talent or host an unforgettable party at The Perception, a stunning multifaceted stage for any exciting occasions. Explore our bold new spaces designed to reflect the 24/7 energy of both the W brand and the British capital.

For all your individual, groups and events reservations, please contact Rochelle at Rochelle.payne@whotelsworldwide.com


The W Lounge is all about flexibility, multi-functionality and light with its floor-to-ceiling windows and its moving lights at night. Semi-secluded from the rest of the bar, it can be reconfigured, connected to the screening room or fully separated.

The W lounge is the perfect hangout for standing cocktail receptions, networking events or product showcases. The atmosphere is created by a dark wooden floor and petrol leather booths arranged alongside the window whilst a large reading table – embellished with British pennies – can be arranged in different set ups and forms the centre of the design.

Seated capacity: 32 (booths) / 36 (long table) / 68 (total)
Standing capacity: 100


Start your night on the right track, immersing yourself in the exciting world of music. In this semi-private booth you and your colleagues or friends are the DJ for one night; equipped with turntables and an immaculate music collection of vinyl records this area is the perfect party starter.

Curved sofas and a circular light track close off the booth from the wider lounge giving an intimate atmosphere. With wireless headphones you can chill on the large statement couch or dance the night away… in your own music world!

So gather around the fireplace and flick through the records until you find your favorite track.

Seated capacity: 20
Standing capacity: 25

On The Rocks

Where the classic English pub meets high-end cocktail bar. Where cosiness meets luxury. This is the place where you relax with your mates or meet your date; where you’ll feel at home whatever the weather outside.

Two floor levels around the bar combine the comfortable lounge seating of the raised podium with the bar seating of the lower area where the party gets started.

Marble tabletops and the dark herringbone floors are classic bar elements whilst rich materials such as velvet and brass give the area a more luxurious feel.

Seated capacity: 25
Standing capacity: 60

DJ Booth

Bad is the new good. Get ready to dance the night away and punk things up. Inspired by the British punk era, the DJ booth has a look of its own with black leather and metallic studs forming the basis of the design.

An exclusive VIP area behind the DJ can be used for the obvious party purposes but doesn’t lose its value during daytime. By covering the music equipment, the space is easily transformed into a lounge area.

To finish things off, spherical light sculptures hang from the ceiling creating the ultimate party vibe and make the DJ booth the centre stage of the bar.

Seated capacity: 10
Standing capacity: 25

Colour Me Bad

Release your inner rebel and be your own revolution. Live the life you love; ditch those resolutions! Carpe that f*cking Diem. Here, a skin coloured leather sofa covered in bold and colourful tattoo print generates the elegant, yet edgy environment that is amplified by the spherical mirror ceiling above it.

At the back (but definitely not in the background) an abstracted neon Union-Jack artwork lights up the panoramic window. Its colourful light has a filter-like effect on the glass, rose-tinting the view towards Leicester Square.

Seated capacity: 18
Standing capacity: 30

Pillow Talk

Forget about your day job as the sun sets and nighttime arrives. Lay down, get comfy and loose yourself in the day beds’ ocean of fluffy pillows; a magical world of flying feathers, peachy colours and soft materials. Come on, don’t be shy: Embrace your inner child…

This booth is all about the large oval day bed surrounded by small poufs; they take their role in making their guests feel relaxed.

Rich materials in pastel colours result in an elegant look whilst the ‘flying’ light bulbs hanging from the ceiling are something from a childhood dream.

Seated capacity: 8
Standing capacity: 20


Get lost in the rich world of glitz & glamour, because you’re invited to have a look behind the scenes at some of the world’s most exclusive events. With a view over Leicester Square, this VIP area literally revolves around glamour, whilst the giant disco ball and animated light ceiling above it casts shimmering light for all to see.

Designed to rotate, the stepped seating can face outwards providing front-row seats for red carpet movie premieres, or inwards. When the focus is drawn to what’s happening within the lounge it offers the ideal stage for live performances and bands.

Finally, the hidden bar opens its floor-to-ceiling doors to reveal a golden interior. The insides of the opened doors with shelves for bottles and glasses, reminding us all of the dressing room mirrors used each night throughout the surrounding theatres. Revolve can be fully separated from the rest of the bar thanks to a set of partition walls.

Seated capacity: 20
Standing capacity: 70

Screening Room

W London presents an exclusive versatile venue perfect for a quirky birthday party, cinema junkies, press screening, gaming nights and video conferences.

With 38 luxury red-pillar seats positioned for maximum comfort, the contemporary screening room vaunts lots of leg room and ambient lighting to create an intimate atmosphere. Your party can enjoy a high resolution Sony 4K Projector, displaying HD quality content through a RealD 3D Lens. The surround sound system combined with the 3D screen creates an impressive holistic environment for you and your friends or guests to enjoy.

Our screening room is nestled beside The Perception Bar, so why not enjoy some of the finest hand crafted cocktails or grab a bite to eat before or after your event?


Privately entertain, whisk your VIPs away from the revel. The studios are the perfect setting for product launches, press launches, media interviews and creative cocktails.

Designed for audio-visual spectacles, integrated Bose audio systems with speakers are specifically adapted to each room’s acoustics, complete with LCD TVs, crisp HD video projection, Blu-Ray playback facilities and lighting control systems with dimming capabilities. Take control of it all with an easy to use AMX touch screen system. Choose your own personalised set up – boardroom, theatre, and casual – whatever you want. Get creative on the “Surround White Wall” boards, or we can roll two studios into one simply by removing the wall.

The mezzanine presents a rejuvenating setting for a festive lunch or bites. After a day’s work, why not extend your stay and enjoy some of the finest hand crafted cocktails at The Perception Bar!

Leicester Square, 10 Wardour Street,
London, England