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Afternoon Tea with Lois O'Hara

Transcend the ordinary afternoon tea experience with W London's Afternoon Tea with Lois O'Hara - an immersive experience bathed in vibrant creativity that seamlessly integrates art and gastronomy.

In today's world, we are constantly distracted and our own flow through life gets broken and disjointed. Lois' art explores how unconventional colour palettes and fluid movement in design, impact people and places in a positive way. She believes this is a gentle method of encouraging people to ‘move' physically and mentally.

Embodying the essence of Lois' art, Pastry Chef Leyre has created desserts while staying true to her commitment of using natural ingredients. Each pastry is a unique composition of flavours and textures, offering an unparalleled sensory experience that not only looks visually stunning but also provides an explosion of flavour and texture in every bite.

Drawing inspiration from the realms of well-being and fostering positive mental health, the menu features five different desserts designed to inspire and delight. 

To top it all off, the afternoon tea experience also offers a selection of striking and vibrant sandwiches with an added W flair: one with beetroot-cured smoked Scottish salmon, and the other one served with mayonnaise and organic eggs.


While this afternoon tea is nothing like you've ever seen before, you will also get your afternoon tea classics like buttermilk scones, clotted cream, a selection of jams, and savoury sandwiches. We have extensive vegan options available to cater for your dietary requirements.

If you want to enhance your afternoon tea experience further, you can also opt to add a glass of Veuve Clicquot Champagne, and JOY - a cocktail tailored to the experience containing Oolong Tea which revitalises the brain's performance by releasing dopamine, while evoking feelings of happiness and cheerfulness with its vibrant chartreuse hue.

Give the ultimate gift experience with our Afternoon Tea for Two package. Start gifting here. 

  • Afternoon Tea at W London with Lois O'Hara - Connect Cake



    Connect brings people together with the classic pairing of peanut and chocolate.

    Communicate, discover, and exchange experiences

    Ingredients: Chocolate and peanut custard, milk chocolate sponge, crunch glaze

  • Afternoon Tea with Lois O'Hara - Nature Cake



    Nature celebrates the joys of a garden harvest with blueberry and lemon.

    Surround yourself in nature and take in every minute

    Ingredients: Lemon and blueberry layered cheesecake, velvet spray

  • ZEN


    Zen combines passion fruit, mango, and matcha tea; evoking Asian cultures and tranquillity.

    Let go of elements that are out of your control and be present

    Ingredients: Matcha tea tart, passion fruit and mango curd, fresh tropical salad



    Clear Mind offers the pure essence of orange and olive oil - a nod to Pastry Chef, Leyre Pedrazuela's Spanish roots.

    Aim to live a minimal life and your mind will become clearer

    Ingredients: Olive oil creamy mousse, tangy orange insert, orange sponge



    Creativity ventures into uncharted territory with raspberry and black sesame, delivering a surprising and delightful flavour experience.

    Dare to be bold

    Ingredients: Black sesame financier cake, fresh raspberry gel, raspberry mousse

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